President's Desk 24-06-13

From the President's Desk

Good evening Fellow Rotarians, E club members, friends and all

It has been a busy week here, starting with the Board meeting last Thursday night, which was very well attended.
Some action points to report are:

Membership dues 2013/2014 will remain at $400 for the full year, $100 of this goes to the RI foundation in your name, and these dues are payable in full now and it would be a great help if the majority of members could pay very quickly. The option we have given any one who is not so fortunate is to pay half yearly with no added charges.

For our local members and friends, we have the Bunnings Labrador BBQ Fund raiser on 27/07/13 with a 7am start.  The Club Trailer presentation and try out on 04/08/13 at midday at the Spit, and a Club social function on 17/09/13, at a venue to be decided. For those members who are not local the original intent of this type of meeting was to allow all members to invite their friends to dinner, and join the club meeting online at 8pm. I am considering a club visit with a purpose and a slight alteration to the time to enable all this to beam smoothly through to our on line visitors.

I am looking for a club member to fill a role of E Club Member Welfare Officer to actively email all members and encourage meeting attendance, web site visits, and to talk with our special members who just are not really active members. It would be great if every member could indicate how this club met your expectations during its first year and what would make this club attractive to our Rotary friends who have dropped out of Rotary?. This particular style of club will not suit everybody, we know that, but lets see where we could go with some ideas from our membership.

We do have a bus going to the Birdsville Races, I am sure you would have seen this somewhere, if not the smile on Chris s face said it all. Yes , it is possible to go to our Project site and not drive. (More information to follow) . I am sure we could arrange to collect anyone who flies in to Brisbane or Coolangatta and get you aboard the bus trip for several days of hilarious fun, and the trip of the year .

The 22nd July is now held for a club assembly, an online meeting where all members can join in to discuss all projects, club issues , membership etc. If this is a successful   forum then we will make them a monthly happening, I hope this is the case.

Tonight's guest speaker is Kelly Hinton , from Project Respect , There is very good coverage of Kelly's project on our web page, I look forward to her talk tonight. Our guest speakers, thanks to Mary and Ing, have been great all year, and whilst communications some times frustrates us all, this method of connecting Rotarians to these people with amazing projects is fantastic, we have guest speakers from all over the world right in our living rooms.

Have a great week everybody, stay safe too.

Best wishes 

Geoff Baldwyn