President's Desk 01-07-13

From the President's Desk

Good evening one and all,

Those who were present at last week's meeting must be impressed with yet another Guest Speaker giving selflessly to the community, Kelly Hinton based in Melbourne with her Project Respect definitely deserves support for her dedication, professionalism and the compassion she displays for her cause. Tonight's Guest Speaker is a local Gold Coaster with a long term commitment to his community; I do hope we can have a few more along tonight to experience another aspect of Community involvement.

This Rotary year our Rotary International President's theme is, "Engage Rotary Change Lives". This actually fits very well with this E-Clubs involvement with the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) and the great programme Ian and Chris are currently planning, evaluating, organising and growing as they visit Rotary Clubs in Central Australia. 

This year's Rotary International President is Ron Burton, you would have read all about Ron in the latest Rotary Down Under but what I need to address with you is this year's Presidential Citation goals. They are:

-          Promote Membership Growth

-          Enhance Humanitarian Service Through Our Foundation

-          Strengthen Our Network Through The Family Of Rotary

My first impressions on reading these goals is very positive, we could as a Club certainly achieve these targets, these three goals are really everyday Rotary things that we do naturally.   Looking at them individually, we as professional business people, promote all three goals every time we introduce a new member to Rotary, Donate to the Foundation or do business in our Community with other Rotarians. This then leads me to the Rotary Four Way Test, the Objects of Rotary and spreading our goodwill into the Community by engaging in service with other Non-Rotary Organisations.

How often have you gone to an unfamiliar area for your vocation, business or employment reasons, holidays or pleasure and sought advice from a local?   Doesn't your level of confidence in their advice increase when you learn they are a Local Rotarian or Community service volunteer.   Mine certainly does, this then shows me that locally or internationally, what great strengths we have as a group if we cooperate and work together.  This is essentially what Ian and Chris are doing on their current Safari ably assisted by Lyn and Heather. 

You may have noticed that I was practicing with technology last week that is totally new to me, hence you may have received some news items twice, so sorry but I do need to practice.

See you tonight on line 8pm.