President's Desk 29-07-13

From the President's Desk

Good Morning everyone,

Now I am assuming you all read this first thing this morning, and I am a day early as I have a big Monday and Tuesday at work this week,  and we had a full day Sunday on the Bunnings BBQ, so time is short.

There were 10 in total who made the day work so well, Rotarians, Friends, One Honorary member and one Exchange student, and we sold 50kgs Sausages and 29 loaves of Bread, a bench mark going forward to keep  our fund raising moving. It was a great day of humour, fellowship and hard yakka by everyone. Thanks guys n gals.

August is membership month, and membership is at the top of our Priority list, we now really only have 25 members, and really only 15 of those are active. I am hoping you read my comments last week about membership, it is high time we discussed this issue. Tonight we a have a Forum night,   or in the old language a Club Assembly. I am looking forward to seeing a larger number on line tonight to discuss many projects that are with in our reach. We have several members putting in a great effort and we must rise to the task in the name of Rotary and achieve some great results for our Community, as large as it is.

Were you blown away by last weeks guest speaker? I was. anyone who can logistically manage 70000 working days with over 1000 volunteers  completing $15m to $20m worth of fencing and farm repairs across all those natural disasters in under 4 years  across Australia is a legend. Kevin and Rhonda Butler from Blaze Aid and his team of grey nomads should be honoured by all. This is a true Aussie Spirit if ever we have witnessed one.

RYLA, another great Rotary programme will be held from Saturday 25th January to Friday 31st January 2014 and they are looking for 100 attendees. We have 56 clubs so this is not such a big ask if we all pull together. So the challenge is to find 2  RYLA candidates by November 31st 2013. Are we up too the task? I hope so . Do have a great week  again.