President's Desk 05-08-13

From the President's Desk

Good morning,

We had a great function to announce the Mobile Kitchen to the community last Sunday. We also tried, tested and evaluated the Birdsville Burger,  with a lot of input from Heather and Ian we were able to test different options for the big event, and this was an interesting exercise given the difficulty we are having trying to understand just what we need to sell out there. The District Governor was present, it was great to see Tony and Dianne again along with over 30 members and friends. Coffee was even on the try out list and  the  Mobile Kitchen Trailer came through with  much  praise and admiration.

We do have a board meeting coming up on Thursday 15th August at 7 30 pm for all Directors. If any member has anything that is of relevance to the Board please submit it for discussion. We have two great new projects submitted as  Agenda Items for Approval, and as August is membership month we have two new members online now and another potential member in the system, hopefully approving 3 new members  or more this month.

The next Board meeting will be after the Birdsville Races fund raising venture, this month will be very full with preparations and planning, and the main team departs for Birdsville on Friday 30th August to return around Monday 9th September.  It is envisaged we will be selling food from 2nd to the 7th September, 5 days hard work. 

From last weeks Club assembly or forum night we came away with two great projects, we will put these into a document after the board meeting and circulate the full proposal for each project for your perusal. There  was also a discussion on Remote Area attendees being nominated and funded to the RYLA camp  and supported by Rotary Clubs in general to bring RYLA to the bush utilising our local RYLA forum.  We also had  a great fundraiser at Bunnings last week raising over $1200, well done team E Club.

October 1st  is now our Special quarterly meeting where all the club members do something in their own community, here on the Coast we will be meeting with the Southport Club for a special  occasion,  and bringing our Club members joining us on line at 7pm.  This is one hour earlier, but we have no option as we have a tight time frame and a special event planned. Our District Governors evening is November 12th, but I have just discovered this may change, I am in Perth that week. oops. tell you more about this next week.

Tonight's Guest Speaker is Liz Dawes, RCD fund, Connor s run Shore to Sheds.  Liz's Intro Info is on the website, please check this out and I look forward to talking to you tonight.

Have an awesome week and stay safe,