Australian Red Cross and German Red Cross Activities

Australian Red Cross

Chris Joscelyne is a Vice-Patron of the Australian Red Cross, following 10 years service as Vice-Chairman of the NSW Division. Most of the large-scale activities of the Red Cross are known, but a little-known activity is Trauma Teddies.

Since 1990, these simple teddy bears have been knitted by Red Cross volunteers and carried in police cars, ambulances and other emergency vehicles, to be given as comforters to small children in crisis situations. Hundreds of Trauma Teddies have been given to children in Australia and abroad. This simple act of kindness is another example of Red Cross helping the most vulnerable in our community. Trauma Teddies are never sold & always given

German Red Cross

So, I've (Kristen Jewson) had quite a lot of spare time at the moment (work is a little slow, so I have fewer shifts), I've been spending my free-time in the last few weeks with the Red Cross. At the moment we are rebuilding our transport truck.

We used to just throw everything inside and hope it'd all pass, we eventually figured out that that doesn't work so well, so I ripped all of the walls and the roof out. We got rid of 4 seating places, and are in the process of building shelves to store everything we need for an emergency. When it is finished it'll mean we can jump in and drive, and we have everything we need with us. However, we've still a bit of work to do!