The Flying Doctor Service is an Australian icon providing a unique and essential service particularly to outback Australia. It is a privilege for Rotary to be able to serve such an important service provider.  By volunteering your time travelling you have fun with new friends doing rewarding activities.

Several projects in support of the Flying Doctor Service are in progress:

Charleville Project

IPP Peter Cory of Goondiwindi Club is Charleville RFDS Project manager.
Project is set for September 1st to 12th at Charleville.
RFDS have built a new facility at the Charleville airport. Work details follow.
A 3 bedroom house and grounds are free to share at volunteer’s disposal. Bring own linens.
Anyone interested can email or phone Peter Cory 0429 495 975.

The scope of activity for your team is still under development (in terms of detail) however I will give
you a high level overview here to enable you to start thinking about your tasks and people.

• Landscaping the new base and Visitor Centre
  •  Includes laying drip irrigation
  •  Planting ground cover / shrubs etc
  •  Distributing rocks / gravel / bark as required
  •  Moving rock mounted plaques from the old base to the new (photo attached)
  •  Installing a garden seat
  •  Removing & renovating old wrought iron exterior logo signage & gate & reinstalling at new
  • facility (photo attached)
  •  Constructing a stone representation of the existing Alan Vickers memorial entry with gate at
  • current base.
• Constructing flat pack furniture at the new base
• Constructing flat pack furniture at the new accommodation units (5)
• Unpacking crockery/cutlery etc & setting up kitchens (5 units / 1 Base)
• Dismantling remainder of current Visitor Centre (VC) display & packing for archiving & storage in new base facility

RFDS General Manager, Strategic Projects ( and Pilot) intends to be on site as well to assist with coordination of the actual works.

Birdsville Race Week Project

Birdsville Race week is the first week of September every year. Town of 120 population swells to 6000. RFDS are major beneficiary. Rotary through a relationship with Flying Doctor Service Queensland Section have become active supporters.

We have a catering 6m x 9m Marquee, Cocktail Party assistance, Fun Run help and general
supporting roles for this iconic week of festivities.
Volunteers are welcome to assist with any aspects of our role.
Bring your own ‘everything’ – accommodation, sustenance, happiness.

Anyone interested can email:  President Geoff Baldwin 0419 659 186
or Ian & Heather Yarker 0427 330 966