From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good Morning All,

Welcome to 2015 and our e-Club Rotary World. I do hope you all have had a great festive season; a break from work and above all the weather was kind to you. Well the first half of this Rotary Year has gone and very soon we will need to LIGHT UP ROTARY, as that is our theme for this year.

Hey, we are lighting up the BBQ on Australia Day at Bunnings selling sausages and drinks, how Aussie is this?   That same weekend we welcome Annelie Schmidt, our Exchange Student to the Gold Coast for the remainder of her Exchange and we are also having a meeting of any Club Members, who can attend on the Saturday night, plus your friends and partners. The RYLA Dinner is on the Tuesday Night following Australia Day, another great event not to be missed and we have people at RYLA too, both as Awardees and Attendees.

After we light up Rotary, you can light up Goondiwindi for the Rotary District Conference, and right now we are working on our District Award Nominations. We are very keen to bring home the GOLD.  The District Conference is on the 17th, 18th and 19th of April and registrations are now open. Next after the Awards will be change over and we welcome Tara Little to the Presidents role.

I have a new theory to get new members and we do have possibly three new members in the queue by the way. No seriously, when you remove my photo from the web site and put TARA's there, new members will flock in.  We will have our youngest President ever, the most attractive President and a great worker, so my thinking is, stand aside Membership Director and get ready for the rush.  Welcome Tara!

We do have a Board Meeting at 8pm Qld time on 22nd January and we thank Jan and Leigh for their great event on Christmas Day, plus we thank their helpers and all the workers who made this great event possible. Jan will put this on the web page in due course after the District Conference. Also Angelo and Ian, Sheryl and Heather have been burning the midnight oil (and the wine??) working hard on The Cape Tag Along and the Tassie Tag Along Tours, two more amazing events this coming year.  Save time for Birdsville, it will be bigger than a blockbuster this year.

I would just like to thank our whole Rotary Team for their great effort in the first half of this Rotary year, especially the ones behind the scenes, our Secretary, our Guest Speakers Team, Our Treasurer, our RYLA Team, Kiva and on we go, thanks all, your community spirit is exemplary.

Have a great week,