News - Lifestraw Project - Rotary Club of Buderim

   Published: Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Rotary Club of Buderim LifeStraw Project

In partnership with the Rotary Club of Buderim, LifeStraw Australia is participating in this innovative humanitarian aid project designed to place LifeStraws into the hands of those who are in desperate need of clean drinking water.
As you Donate a LifeStraw, your donation of a LifeStraw will be met by another LifeStraw donated by LifeStraw Australia. So - when you donate 1 LifeStraw, you are really donating 2!

Every LifeStraw donated will be distributed by the Rotary Club of Buderim to whatever project is in need of clean drinking water. So, whether that project is to help Aussies manage floods or Cyclone damage over the busy summer season, help New Zealanders in a Christchurch Earthquake style crisis, or place life-saving LifeStraws or LifeStraw Families into the hands of those who desperately need clean drinking water anywhere in the world, your donation will make this all possible.

All distribution of LifeStraws will be supervised by Rotary clubs as coordinated by the Rotary Club of Buderim, so you will know your donations will be managed with the highest ethical standards and will get into the hands of those who really need them.
All distribution will be audited and will be accompanied by reports to you, the donor. Reports will be via our Email Newsletter system and will also be included on the websites of the Rotary Club of Buderim, LifeStraw Australia, and other participating organisations, as well as our associated social media such as FaceBook and Twitter.
When you make a donation you automatically are listed on our email-newsletter system, but please do become a FaceBook Friend and keep in touch.
We hope this project grabs your interest and that you can make this project a cause for you to participate in or even champion!

For the participation of other Rotary clubs interested in participating, please liaise with the Rotary Club of Buderim. Any businesses or corporations interested in lending a hand, please Contact Us!

Ultimately our goal is to save 1 million years of life, so you will know your kind donation is actually making a real difference to those who need help the most.