President's Desk 2012-10-29

From the President's Desk

Good Morning Fellow Rotarians and Friends of Rotary,

 This week has been awesome with a visit from a returned Youth Exchange Student Tabea from Switzerland.  She was hosted by Grafton RC three years ago and we got to know her when we were on the District Youth Exchange Committee.

 My wife Ingrid decided to take her to O'Reilly's Green Mountain to show her the green behind the gold of the Gold Coast.  They fed the King Parrots and Crimson Rosellas with much squealing not sure if it was in delight or pain as the birds held on so tight but the smile on her face shows it all.

The treetop walk and Botanic gardens along with a picnic lunch was also great fun.  We topped the day off with dinner and listening to Lauren and Tabea speaking German was just awesome!

 We are looking forward to our new Forum time Tuesday at 8pm Qld time; I will be online a little earlier for those who are logging in for the first time with the 'GoToMeeting' software.  Please don't be shy the software is super simple to use; headphones are definitely an advantage and this week's Chair with be Ian Yarker coming from a surprise location.

We have two prospective members and we have realised we need to streamline our Membership forms on the website.  I have recently put up a downloadable form: but was hoping that someone with more time than I, put their hand up to transform it into either an online form, or a PDF that can be filled in and then be emailed directly to Geoff the Membership Director on completion.  *****Please read this as we desperately need help with this project.*****

 We are always looking for help with ideas for the website; great videos; stories from all around the world; articles from magazines or blogs and of course Forum ideas.  Please email me: all ideas gratefully accepted and very much appreciated.

Yours in Rotary,

President (of the Awesomest Club!)