President's Desk 25-09-12

From the President's Desk

Hi All,

tl;dr, if you know this acronym then I hope you still read my report; for everyone else it will soon become clear!

I am pleased to announce that the Board Meeting went well and the Board decided to officially start plans for the e-SafarE 2014. The Committee is organised. YAY!!!

Now it's time to hear from the Next Gen part of the e-Club. The Club is for you, so what do you hope to achieve as part of the e-Club? What are your passions regarding projects you would support?

Lauren is Director of Kiva ( and presently the Committee consists of her and Ella so if anyone else would like to join her Committee and make a difference in people's lives her email address is:

Tim Egan: is the Director of New Generations and is the "go to" person regarding all Rotary Youth Programs.

RYTS Regional Youth Transition Seminar ( ) is a fabulous camp at the beginning of December so if you know of a Year 11 or 12 student please get them to fill out an application form ( very quickly as time is running out.

Rhys Wachter has put his hat in the ring for RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Awards ( and we look forward to getting his official application form. This camp is suitable for participants aged between 19-28 years old, so again if you know of any suitable young people point them in the direction of the application forms on the District website (

Forum ideas please? Email Chris if you wish to put forward subjects for our Thursday Night Forums. I would enjoy encourage you to run your own presentation on a subject that you are passionate about as Ian did on the Samoa project at the last Forum.

An email came through this morning from the Rotary Foundation entitled "Future Vision News" that's what I would like a "future vision" for our e-Club which includes fresh inspiration and input from our Next Gen contingent. Need ideas? Check out, "Stories of service from around the World at: the official blog for Members of Rotary International.

tl;dr - Too Long; Didn't Read, we are all time poor but hopefully everyone got to this point. J

Yours in Rotary,

Rick Jewson