President's Desk 11-02-13

From the President's Desk

Good Afternoon Rotarians and Friends of the E-Club,

As the year rolls on, life changes, our home has more laughs now our youngest is home from Youth Exchange in Germany and we went to our last Youth Exchange Camp on the weekend to Ballina. Youth Exchange has taken up a large part of our lives and we have enjoyed it immensely over the last five years. We have met some amazing Rotarians as well as students who have gone overseas and those who have come into our lives from all around the World. It has been a very special and memorable time.

As too are things changing with a New Safar-e - Negotiations have commenced with the Sydney 2014 Rotary Convention organisers; the Recreational Vehicle Fellowship of Rotarians (RVFR) and the e-Club to hold a Safare from Sydney to Cairns in June/July 2014, finishing two weeks prior to the Red Centre Safare.  

The Convention will see many hundreds of Rotarians in Sydney and a request from USA, EU and UK Rotarians specifically asking about a trip to see the 'real' Australia has been heard.   RVFR will be looking after the "Sydney to Gold Coast" section; we look after the "Gold Coast to Cairns" section.

John Spath (RVFR National President & Member of our Safare Advisory Committee) and his team are undertaking motor home rental; convention organiser; NSW tour and accommodation negotiations. Chris and Ian will look after the best part of the trip, from here to Cairns and more information to come soon from Chris about this adventure.

Chris has also been busy with the New e-Club Lounge Active, NextGen Members, Honorary Members and Friends of the e-Club now have access to our new 'Club Lounge'.  This new backroom area of the website allows for general discussions, sub-committee interaction and information gathering.
Facebook members may like to consider joining the e-Club as a 'Friend of the Club' at no cost to gain further insight into the operation of the e-Club.  To join go to our website and click on the drop box "Join our e-Club".

Tonights Forum will commence a new format Chaired by our Service Director Ian Yarker.   We hope you enjoy this new format, one that will allow us to continue on past the 30 minutes if you wish it to.  I am looking forward to Ian Chairing the Forums, making the Forums a lively and interactive occasion that everyone wants to be a part of.  Our Guest Speaker tomorrow night will be District Governor Sandra and Sam Doumany so I hope you all will log- in at (8pm Qld time) for a wonderful evening together. Details are on the front page of the website as usual:

Yours in Rotary,

Rick Jewson